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SEO is about revenue.

At, we deliver SEO Campaigns which generate revenue. Traffic is relatively easy to come by, so too are rankings, however in any SEO Campaign the predominant focus should always be on one thing:

  • Generating a significant and healthy return on investment (ROI).

Every SEO Campaign is different and your business is unlike any other – our Search Engine Optimisation campaigns translate the inherent uniqueness in your business into enhanced visibility in search.

SEO is about transparency:

We believe in an upfront and transparent approach to delivering SEO Campaigns. An SEO Campaign with SEO Wales means regular monthly reports which detail all link building activity, and ranking, traffic and revenue increases attributable to your Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

SEO is about targeted traffic:

Our focus is always on driving targeted traffic to your website through the medium of search. While some SEO Companies may emphasise the importance in targeting highly generic terms, our focus is always on targeting the terms which will drive the most revenue through your website, both in the short and long-term.

SEO is about more than the “Top 10”:

You will have some familiarity with the “top 10 results”. However, search has transitioned significantly over the last few years (and continues to evolve on an almost daily basis) – the advent of Universal or Blended search provides additional opportunities to market your news, products, images and video content via the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO is about synergy and partnerships:

There is no “short term pathway” to wide scale domination of your niche via search. However, it’s important to adopt a synergistic approach to SEO, where a variety of online marketing channels work in synergy to increase the overall exposure of your brand online.

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